Electric Utility Fundamentals + Insights - Southern California Edison - 4

5th - 6th December 2023   

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Program Description: This program provides utility and service company employees with a broad understanding of how the electric utility industry works and a better awareness of their own roles within their organizations. Topics include (1) Fundamentals of Electricity, (2) Western North American Electricity Markets, (3) How Utilities Make Money, (4) Generation Choices, (5) Customers + Emerging Opportunities, (6) Distributed Energy Resources, and (7) Integrated Resource Planning. The class is delivered virtually over two half-days and in a one-day format at the host utility's chosen location. WEI provides nearly 100 customized Utility Fundamentals classes each year, hosted by WEI Member Companies on-site, to provide a unique, individualized training experience for their employees. Contact WEI for more information.

Who Should Attend:
Wondering if this course is right for you or your staff…
  • Are you new to the energy industry?
  • Have you worked in just one or two areas of the organization?
  • Are you looking for a broader perspective of the business of gas and emerging issues?
  • Do you work for a service provider to the energy industry who wants to learn more about your customer?
If the answer is yes to any of these, this course was designed for you.

For more information contact Karen Himes at (971) 303-1585 or himes@westernenergy.org.

General Cancellation Policy: Due to the uniqueness of this course, registration cancellations received within nine business days prior to the first day of class will be ineligible for refunds. Substitutions from your organization for the same event are always welcome.

Participation Policy: Registration for this course is limited to employees of host company employees and their invited guests only. WEI also offers the Electric Utility Fundamentals + Insights course open to anyone four times per year. Contact WEI for more information.